Rusty the husky is my current foster baby. He's had a riches to rags life - I wish him more riches in a wonderful new permanent home. If he didn't want to eat my great goofball cat Wills, I would keep him. Since he does, I can't. But other than his urge to eat cats, he is loving and delightful. He's posted on websites that connect needy animals with good homes. Most inquiries are serious one from people who want to add animals to their home. We love to hear from these folks.

This is not one of those stories. There are also people who cruise animal adoption sites for the wrong reasons - they want free animals for reasons that break my heart. I think I had a message from one of these about Rusty. The first message was short and didn't ask about the dog. The next message was pushy and just wanted to know if I really had the dog. The messages became hostile quickly.

I assume that this person doesn't do anything productive. I also assume this person doesn't need any kind of animal from anywhere, much less wonderful Rusty. This person doesn't care that he was asking for valuable time from me.

These messages made realize that most people do not have any idea how much time it takes to do any kind of animal rescue. Just taking an animal and giving it a good home until a permanent home becomes available is a huge commitment in time and money. Those rescuers who physically rescue animals, get them to vets, rehab sick and injured animals, transport them to new homes, do any of a long list of rescue tasks - they are committed to full-time unpaid jobs that cost them hundreds and thousands of dollars. I know - I have performed all of the above at some time or other during the past 30 years. It is a mission and a passion and I, like others, do it gladly. But don't waste our time if you aren't serious about adoption. These animals need every minute we can give them.