I enjoyed an unusual wildlife sighting during a quick trip home for lunch last week. What I thought was an odd duck or goose was really a wild white turkey.

Wild turkeys think they own roads. They march the center line. The white turkey commandeering my Cookeville TN country road was visible from around the curve. I just couldn’t identify it until I was stopped in front of it. At that distance, I could see that it was white, not albino. And that it was a turkey.

I’ve seen a lot of wild turkeys in the past 20 years as their flocks increase in size and number across Tennessee. But I have never seen a white one. Friends who hunt and tramp the woods on a regular basis agree that white turkeys are uncommon.

I travel this neighborhood road daily, but I’ve never seen this turkey before. I didn’t see it as I headed back out. I was just in the right place at the right time to enjoy this rare moment.

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