What does a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house cost?

That question has no single answer or about a million answers – the answer(s) depends on the details. Are you buying or selling a house in Cookeville TN or Charlotte NC? How many square feet does it include? Have a basement? How large is the lot? Does it have carpet and vinyl floors…hardwood floors and tile…fireplace…granite counters or laminate…is the local economy growing or stagnant…how are the schools rated…   Do you see the million-answer pattern developing?

Home prices are based on the local market. Even within a local market, there will be micro-markets around schools, shopping, universities, parks and golf courses, industrial and commercial areas, and so on.  So not only is it hard to compare from city to city, it is often hard to compare within a city. In the Cookeville TN area, a rural region between Nashville TN and Knoxville TN, our market shows differences from county to county with some variations between towns within the same county.

When you dream about buying or selling a home and wonder about prices, make your list and itemize your details. The price is in the details.

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Cookeville TN REALTOR® Brenna Piper, ABR, has worked with American Way Real Estate since 2002. A former television news photographer and corporate marketing director, she provides accomplished marketing and negotiating services to sellers and buyers across ten countries  of Tennessee’s scenic  Upper Cumberland area.