Whether buying a new home in Cookeville TN or Los Angeles CA, get everything in writing. And I don't mean text messages!

Sales contracts are legally binding agreements. I am not an attorney, but I deal with with real estate contracts daily. I also deal with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents who want to negotiate important details over the phone or in text messages. Both technologies are useful. Both play an important part in any transaction. Both have weaknesses when negotiating an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars:

  • A phone conversation becomes "he said, she said" if a deal goes sour and ends up in court.
  • A text message is length limited, making it difficult to include important real estate transaction details.

Home and land sales are important, expensive investments. Don't trust your memory or the memory of another party. Take the time to put everything in writing. As a Tom Clancy character in Executive Orders stated, it didn't happen if it wasn't written.

Cookeville TN REALTOR® Brenna Piper, ABR, has worked with American Way Real Estate since 2002. A former television news photographer and corporate marketing director, she provides accomplished marketing and negotiating services to sellers and buyers across ten countries  of Tennessee’s scenic  Upper Cumberland area.