I hear the comments now: “Why is chemistry important if I am buying or selling a home in Cookeville TN?”

My answer?  If you are dealing with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need good chemistry with the person working with you on your purchase or sale.

Chemistry with another person covers more than romantic involvements. It involves trust, respect, communication, timing, motivation, and just general caring. Good chemistry encourages careful listening and makes it easier to discuss important subjects. What could be more important than money? Or home? Isn’t it important to trust the person tasked with helping you and knowing that person is listening to you?

Good chemistry between home buyers and their REALTOR can make the difference between a happy closing and no closing at all. Good chemistry with a REALTOR can make a difference between a sale or no sale for home sellers.

Cookeville TN REALTOR® Brenna Piper, ABR, has worked with American Way Real Estate since 2002. A former television news photographer and corporate marketing director, she provides accomplished marketing and negotiating services to sellers and buyers across ten countries  of Tennessee’s scenic  Upper Cumberland area.