Did you know that you can landscape with new plants without spending a bundle on every single one? You don't have to start with seed. Many plants can be propogated using cuttings or by separating large clumps.

The internet is a great place to research your chosen plant before taking a cutting. Some plants root by simply sticking a freshly cut stem into wet soil. Some root when branches lay on the ground long enough to develop roots. Still others need a rooting compound (special compounds may be needed if the plant has a woody stem) to develop roots in damp potting soil or peat moss.

Plants with bulbs, tubers, and rhisomes - think daffodils, irises, and hostas - all benefit from dividing periodically. This is a little easier and a lot faster. Just dig out your sharpened shovel and dig away. Here's a tip - before digging the plant, dig a hole for the new plant and fill it with water. Then dig the plant. When a clump is out of the ground, let it sit in a bucket of water while the water drains from its new home. Then plant and re-water thoroughly.

The next time you plan a new garden, check to see what need to be trimmed or separated. Then enjoy the results!

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