It's time. Here is my annual rant on bad mulch jobs!

Trees trunks need air. Mulch mounded and molded up around a trunk is a death sentence for that tree. Mulch should cover the ground AROUND the base of the tree. It keeps the soil cool and reduces evaporation, giving tree roots a better chance to grab moisture. When piled up the sides of tree trunks, it smothers the bark, causing it to peel. It gives insects a place to hide while working on the tree. Think about a volcano crater when mulching. Keep the trunk in the center of the crater and away from the edges.

Don't waste money on piles of the rich brown stuff. Mulch deeper than 2 - 3 inches is over kill. Mulch piled up the trunk will just kill the tree. Period. Won't happen fast, but will happen.

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