This morning’s inbox contained a message congratulating “Brenda Piper” for being a winner in a Facebook drawing, with untold riches available to the me if I followed the long list of instructions.

Wow. I couldn’t believe it. They misspelled my name.

With a name like “Brenna”, “Brenda” happens. A lot.  Nothing wrong with “Brenda”.  It is a pretty name. It just isn’t mine.

Today’s message happened to be junk. But I receive similar messages from people who work with my real estate clients: pest inspectors, home inspectors, lenders, appraisers, etc.  People I hire for myself have also made the same mistake. I understand their confusion. I don’t mind going through the corrections once. But I would appreciate it if they get it right the next time.

Everything moves quickly. Most people today expect it. Little things make an impression. It is worth slowing down just a minute to make sure the little things are right.