Getting a job. Losing weight. Finding / maintaining / ending a relationship. Planning vacation.  Most of us plan for these and other events in our lives.  But an amazing number of people don’t make plans when buying a home. It is a big step that involves tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Making a plan makes sense on many levels:

  1. You have time to talk with friends about reliable, and responsive (!) mortgage lenders;
  2. You have time to assemble a plan with your chosen lender;
  3. You have time to get the names of reliable, and responsive (!!) REALTORS®;
  4. You have time to build a plan with your chosen REALTOR®. And your REALTOR® has time to discuss your plan with your chosen lender;

Having that plan, and having your team in place, means that:

  1. You should know what you must have to complete your loan – and some of it already in your lender’s hands;
  2. You should now have your home “wish list”, with a copy already given to your REALTOR® who is either already looking for you or has the start time marked on their calendar;
  3. You have a good idea of how long the process takes….and when you will be in your new home!

Planning major live events just makes sense. It makes dollars and sense when it comes to planning to buy a home.

Next, why planning to sell is just as important as planning to buy…….