I have to admit that it is nice to be considered knowledgeable about my work. I put a lot of effort into it; I truly love what I do and am glad to do something helpful. All of this makes it a bit uncomfortable when someone with a wonderful, unusual home or great piece of land casually asks "So what could I get for my place right now?"

A lot of the effort in our profession goes into research, or should go into research. Most people have heard the news that the real estate market has changed greatly during the past few years. In fact, there are changes every month. Those changes can effect prices which are also effected by other influences that vary from neighborhood to town to county.

If someone thinks enough of my work to ask me that question, I want to pay them the respect of taking time to check facts for good current information. Sometimes that research can be done quickly and delivered in a phone call. It can also take much longer to pick through page after page of reports for facts and numbers that are then crunched for a better view of that property and its competition.

Ours isn't an exact profession. But we can continue to help consumers with even better facts as they better understand what we do and why we ask for a little time when they ask "So what could I get for my place now?"