I saw a truck heading out of Cookeville TN this morning, loaded with home roof trusses. It reminded me of customer questions about trusses and rafters.

Rafters or trusses support roofs. Both systems are widely used. Both have advantages. And both are debated by builders and property owners in magazines, books, and across the internet.

In simple terms, rafters are usually built on site. The frames are more open underneath, offering more options for using the space under the roof. If vaulted or tray ceilings, sizeable attic space, or potential finished second story space is important, rafters should be discussed.

Trusses are typically manufactured to order for each specific building. Their construction includes connecting supports, or webs, that criss-cross under frames that support the roof decking. They can be designed to allow some attic or finished room space, but the space is usually much smaller than would be provided by rafters. Since they are built in a manufacturing location and are delivered ready to install, they are usually more cost effective.

Anyone considering building a home should discuss these with their builder and/or architect early in the planning stage. Talking about both before construction could save money and headaches, which makes everyone happier with the end result.

Cookeville TN REALTOR® Brenna Piper, ABR, has worked with American Way Real Estate since 2002. A former television news photographer and corporate marketing director, she provides accomplished marketing and negotiating services to sellers and buyers across ten countries of Tennessee’s scenic  Upper Cumberland area. For more information, contact her at www.BrennaPiper.com.