Great friends are one of the best perks of working with real estate. During today's lunch with a client of many years and a friend for much of that period, our talk turned to home decor. Interestingly, last night's girl chat with another client and friend included the same thing.

There is only one rule for decorating your to live in it: Do what you like. Period. If you like rustic farm implements decorating a formal living room, do it. If you want formal drapes in a log cabin, do it. Use furniture, art, and accessories that make you smile, feel good, and glad to be home. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

When you are ready to move, you may need to make changes so your agent can give your home the marketing plan it deserves. The next owner may not share your enthusiasm for vintage ice cream shoppe decor. But if you love, use it. You can consider others' impressions when you are ready to sell and then move to your next home, sweet home.